First phone number at uni

July 2nd, 2009:

Just got back from school, this girl from out of uni was looking for a room she’s got a test at. I told her to follow me, we were walking pretty fast, soon two other girls that got the same test followed us as well. So the situation is that I got 3 girls following me, a very alpha male situation that I was very much about to take advantage of.
The other girls were in kind of a hurry but this cutest girl of the three kept walking next to me.
Convo went some what like that from what I can remember:

me: your test is about to start any sec now isn’t it?

she: yea, it is, I am in such a hurry. do u think i’ll make it on time?

me: sure, I am going to be ur savior knight, don’t worry about it.

she: *smile* ohhh really? you’re so kind.

me: no I am not, you seduced me 🙂

she: *smile* me?!?! I only asked where it is!

me: so what ur gonna study here? (changing the subject)

she: bla bla bla

*at this point two other girls asked where it is and joined*

me: that’s cool, I am like tour guide here today with girls following me around 🙂
she: yea, u should charge for it 🙂

me: you think haa? that’s actually a pretty good idea (going for the phone number…)

she: yea, but not form me, from the next group.

me: you’re saying that the idea to charge is ur payment? 🙂

she: don’t worry, we’ll call it even (don’t forget to ask for my number later!)

me: being even is good.

she: I look to you like I don’t give a shit about school cuz I am late, but it’s really not like that. (she is trying to lift her value in my eyes)

me: ohh don’t worry about it, I can tell ur a hard learning student (letting her lift her own value)

she: ohh wow, ur so sensitive.

me: off course can’t you tell right away?!

she: It’s pretty hard threw this sun glass.

me: *so so happy she said that since I know I got very green eyes, and I am wearing a blue shirt so she’s about to go crazy, taking off my glass looking strait in her eyes, smiling and say:* well, how about now?

she: *smiling* ohhh you’re good.

me: ok we’re here, this is ur room, and if u think u’re leaving with out giving me ur number you have another thing going on *putting the phone in her hand*

she: that’s right, I owe you one. 🙂


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