Night out with the gang

I was out the other night with my army team. We got together for a beer in Tel-Aviv. While with them I couldn’t help but thinking about Entourage, when we walked down the street or sat and laughed, the subjects were about the same and so are the jokes 🙂

I took the train to get there from my home town, while waiting for it a girl sat next to me on a bench. She was cute, wearing a summer dress, I was going to talk to her but I couldn’t. My heart missed a bit. I was feeling the fear, some thing I didn’t feel for a long time, I didn’t understand what’s wrong, I knew just what I have to do but I didn’t. The train got there and I didn’t even sit near her, avoiding the situation all together.

When I got there one of the guys said he knows the oner of some hot shot bar, we got there and we were on the list. The hostess was amazing, perfect smile with a thin body and D cup firm breasts. We sat for a beer while waiting for the other guy to come, the friend I was with got an idea: he told the hostess not to let our friend in when he get there, just tell him he is not on the list and she can’t let him in. She played along. The guy waved and yelled our names, we ignored, then she cracked and laughed and got him in with us. It worked like a charm: we totally befriended her. She said she is so sorry to the guy “but they made me do it..” and during her shift she came over to ask how we are and have some laughs. Since I was sitting bit far and the music was really loud, since my friend talked to her and the other friend was the one to fall for it, I was totally not the AMOG at that moment. Couldn’t game her well no matter how I played it.

Still I believe this can be a great routine for clicking with the hostess. Even the guy that’s being “fooled” is cool, since she’ll say she is sorry later and he can offer stuff like “lets hug it out” and she’ll be extra friendly later. Will try this more when I get the chance.

The rest of the night was just with the guys, we had lots of fun but just us.

A girl is coming over tomorrow and for some reason I can’t really sleep. I have tons of work to do, tons, and I don’t really do it. I think I have a major fear of failing for some reason with out any logic behind it.

Meditate on this I will.


Finally finished “The Game”, a must read book for every man and woman. I enjoyed it a lot.


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