Yearly goals and a 30 days challenge

It’s my 28th birthday.

My yearly goals:

1. Developing my company. The company should get to a point where it has one product launched and it should have an investor.

2. Growing spiritually. I should have very high self esteem and self respect. I should give value to all those around me including family, friends and women. I should feel I am giving my gift to the world and that I am sure that it’s the gift I want to give.

3. Getting my love life into order. I should feel good about my love life, not only about my sex life.

4. Getting a steady income with out harming my company. I should have a way to pay the rent and monthly expenses.

5. Have a great year that I’ll remember for ever. I should look back at the past year and think: I have lived with passion this year and I turned every situation into fun, this year was an adventure.

30 days challenge:

This challenge is coming after a no weed 30 days challenge and after eating sweets every day for the past year(s).

1. No sweets for a month. Not cake nor chocolate.

2. One hour exercise a day. It can be push-ups, sit-ups or cycling but it has to last at least an hour.


The big bang theory and I

Hey all,

Just started watching The big bang theory (Yes, I am late, I know!) and I found some rather disturbing similarities between me and some of the main characters. Here is the list so far, I am sure it will grow with time:

1. I own a Darth Vadar shape shampoo (SE01EP01)

2. I used to own a Canon A80 camera (SE01EP04)

3. I marked a girl’s period on a calendar for future reference (SE01EP04) so did Abed on community (The bottle episode)

4. I collected comic books

5. I had a clothes folding device. I made it my self. (SE02EP01)