Yearly goals and a 30 days challenge

It’s my 28th birthday.

My yearly goals:

1. Developing my company. The company should get to a point where it has one product launched and it should have an investor.

2. Growing spiritually. I should have very high self esteem and self respect. I should give value to all those around me including family, friends and women. I should feel I am giving my gift to the world and that I am sure that it’s the gift I want to give.

3. Getting my love life into order. I should feel good about my love life, not only about my sex life.

4. Getting a steady income with out harming my company. I should have a way to pay the rent and monthly expenses.

5. Have a great year that I’ll remember for ever. I should look back at the past year and think: I have lived with passion this year and I turned every situation into fun, this year was an adventure.

30 days challenge:

This challenge is coming after a no weed 30 days challenge and after eating sweets every day for the past year(s).

1. No sweets for a month. Not cake nor chocolate.

2. One hour exercise a day. It can be push-ups, sit-ups or cycling but it has to last at least an hour.


The big bang theory and I

Hey all,

Just started watching The big bang theory (Yes, I am late, I know!) and I found some rather disturbing similarities between me and some of the main characters. Here is the list so far, I am sure it will grow with time:

1. I own a Darth Vadar shape shampoo (SE01EP01)

2. I used to own a Canon A80 camera (SE01EP04)

3. I marked a girl’s period on a calendar for future reference (SE01EP04) so did Abed on community (The bottle episode)

4. I collected comic books

5. I had a clothes folding device. I made it my self. (SE02EP01)

Being out of state and not loyal to your core values

July 23rd, 2009:

Been telling a school friend today that I got banned off facebook more then once. We talked about how to meet girls on facebook (it’s lame I know) on “are you interested”. At the moment I am not meeting with any girls from facebook or trying too. I find that it’s holding back my “real life” game, cuz I always have that option to meet girls, an option that I am really good at. (got me many dates for some time) also it takes much time, and well, as I said before, I got banned off facebook for few times cuz of it. Maybe when i’ll feel really pro at the real game, I’ll go back to meeting girls on facebook as a side thing, but to be honest I don’t think so.

Any way, he told me that his friends had so many girls from facebook but was really ashamed in them and didn’t want to bring them to his flat or seen out with them (!?!?). So he had this parking lot that he used to bring girls too and have sex with them in his car. He was so successful at it that one time they all got together and were used to park at the same parking lot before going to hang out, when he came by foot to meet up with them they asked why didn’t he park at the regular place to be answered that he was banned from that parking lot and the guard won’t let him in 🙂

I went out today to a friend’s b-day on a local bar. I talked to as many people as I can and of course to the girls around. It was all nice but I was really off game, it’s been like that for a while now, about two weeks, I also don’t approach much just on the street or super market any more. Specially today I’ve seen some really good looking girls at the super market and did nothing about it When I do some thing lately I am not in state at all…

I got a crash on this girl that it didn’t work out with and I guess it’s cuz of that, also had a problem with a really good old friend (friends since we were about 8) that was being very supportive to my game and for some reason he won’t talk to me and won’t tell why. I guess we shouldn’t let outer things effect our inner world. When your reality is strong and solid and real then the outer should not break it. Being in state should come from the inside, as seeing your self as a value giver always, loyal to your core values and guided by them.

I also guess that being ashamed at some thing will get you no where. It’s either that you are loyal to your self and not care what other people think, or that you feel ashamed of it your self, with out other peoples opinion on it matter, and then should just stop. If you already did some thing you’re ashamed off and that does not match your core values, talking about it and not covering it will probably be the best way to deal with it and make it stop.

I’ve thought a lot about my core values, what they are and if I am working hard enough to stand by them. I feel that there is still work to do and I try to enjoy the ride and do it with passion.
This is getting to be less about girls with time, and more about stepping up spiritually and becoming loyal to my self and finding new things about my self.. I really do believe now that if a man is not on top of his things, he does not go after his dreams and is not loyal to his core values, he doesn’t deserve A class women.