Night out with the gang

I was out the other night with my army team. We got together for a beer in Tel-Aviv. While with them I couldn’t help but thinking about Entourage, when we walked down the street or sat and laughed, the subjects were about the same and so are the jokes πŸ™‚

I took the train to get there from my home town, while waiting for it a girl sat next to me on a bench. She was cute, wearing a summer dress, I was going to talk to her but I couldn’t. My heart missed a bit. I was feeling the fear, some thing I didn’t feel for a long time, I didn’t understand what’s wrong, I knew just what I have to do but I didn’t. The train got there and I didn’t even sit near her, avoiding the situation all together.

When I got there one of the guys said he knows the oner of some hot shot bar, we got there and we were on the list. The hostess was amazing, perfect smile with a thin body and D cup firm breasts. We sat for a beer while waiting for the other guy to come, the friend I was with got an idea: he told the hostess not to let our friend in when he get there, just tell him he is not on the list and she can’t let him in. She played along. The guy waved and yelled our names, we ignored, then she cracked and laughed and got him in with us. It worked like a charm: we totally befriended her. She said she is so sorry to the guy “but they made me do it..” and during her shift she came over to ask how we are and have some laughs. Since I was sitting bit far and the music was really loud, since my friend talked to her and the other friend was the one to fall for it, I was totally not the AMOG at that moment. Couldn’t game her well no matter how I played it.

Still I believe this can be a great routine for clicking with the hostess. Even the guy that’s being “fooled” is cool, since she’ll say she is sorry later and he can offer stuff like “lets hug it out” and she’ll be extra friendly later. Will try this more when I get the chance.

The rest of the night was just with the guys, we had lots of fun but just us.

A girl is coming over tomorrow and for some reason I can’t really sleep. I have tons of work to do, tons, and I don’t really do it. I think I have a major fear of failing for some reason with out any logic behind it.

Meditate on this I will.


Finally finished “The Game”, a must read book for every man and woman. I enjoyed it a lot.


I am now officially recruiting girls for porn, will give 50% for girls you’ll bring

Yup. It’s not my main job but it’s going down. I recruit girls for porn.

Greatest pick-up artists from around the world: I will give you 50% of my commission for a girl you’ll bring. We will pay for her plane ticket and for her stay here. You can privet msg me any time about this.

We are looking for two type of girls here:

1. Huge natural breasts and thin.
2. Petite teenage looking, but must be over 18 of age, even tho she looks 16.

I got this threw a friend that works on photoshop, she takes off zits and make the girls way better looking then they really are. She told her boss about me and her boss offered to meet with me. I said Yes and BOOM.

I had some leads but didn’t close a any deal yet.

Fingering her in the car then facing rejection

This girl was a blond curly blue eyed slim looking one. She was cute, dressed a bit slutty with white pale skin.

We met online and after a while of great phone and text game we went on a date. The IOI’s (Indicators Of Interest) were all over the place, she placed all her cards on the table. We sat in a corner table when no one can really see us, after some flirting and talking I kissed closed and from that moment on she was all over me. Making out in the pub. At some point I said: “Wanna get out of here?” The answer was: “Hell yea”.

When we got out of there we walked to her car, making out a bit on the way, when we got to the car we made out some more, she said things like “I want you”, “I am so happy I met you”, “I love the way you touch me” and so on. I fingered her. We got to my place and she wouldn’t come up, I was thinking that I shouldn’t push, this is a fuck close for sure next time… so I said good night.

When she got home she texted me: “good night dear πŸ˜‰ I had a great great great time, sweet dreams!” I reply: “Thanks! this sweet dreams could have been much better with you in my arms ;)”

Next day when we talk I feel some thing is wrong, I ask about it and I get the reply: “We shouldn’t see each other any more, you are leaving town in a month and also very sexual and it made me feel uncomfortable, also the text u sent about me being in your arms..” I felt like there is some thing she’s not telling me, besides… who cares about what will happen in a month after the first date… when I asked she said: “The reasons don’t matter”. I said ok… lets be friends then.

A few days passed and yesterday I write her on facebook, we chat for just a bit and then I ask: “I think about the great date we had and smile some times, is it just me? :)” she reply: “Nope πŸ™‚ I had wonderful time with you sweetie” we say good night and in the morning I find this msg: “Heyyy, I forgot to wish you a nice travel and enjoy ur weekend!” I reply: “Thanks! I know u’ll miss me like crazy but don’t worry, I’ll be back by Sunday ;)”

I sent her a good morning text to which I got no reply, I saw her online on facebook, said “Hey” there was no reply, I called and then not only that there was no reply: she hung up on me. That’s the point where I let go.

I don’t feel bad about it, as an artist I should face rejection some times and know how to deal with it. Would have been much more easy if I could understand it as well. Every thing seemed to go smooth. Go figure.

I have a few dates already set to this weekend, I am sure it will boost my ego right back.

I’ve done it all, slept with 3 girls in 36 hours. had a threesome.. It’s time for other things…

Feb 25th, 2010:

Hey all,

This week I’ve had my first threesome with two girls, I have to say it felt great. I felt like I have all the power in the world. They both had lots of fun and enjoyed. We’ve done any thing, I felt like it may never happen again… so we’ve done every thing. EVERY THING. for two hours.

I’ve slept with 3 girls in 36 hours, I could do 4 in 48 hours but just didn’t have the energy any more. I am the only guy in real life that I know that done such things. My male friends are calling me to go out with them as a wing man. My life has changed.

I feel better about my self, I feel better about my life. I feel happy. I want to take this… all of it… and focus on my other life aspects.

I am starting to work out, at least once a day. Eat better. Focus on uni and work and not just sit at home watch comedy all day. I want to make better of my self and of my life in every aspect. I wanna be the best in every thing I do.

Just wanted to shout it out.

Tired of theΒ mask

Jan 30th, 2010:

First of all, I haven’t posted for a while, so to make a long story short – fell inlove with a girl, she fell inlove as well. She moved to Italy to start med school, while I stay in Israel where my life is, and life sucks.

And so it went on and off, long distance doesn’t work as we all know, even tho she comes here for long vacations each time – It’s all over with. So it seems…

Spent a large part of the last 4 months on making my game better.


I’ve been with lots of girls lately.. my level at this game is moving up fast.. and every time I feel the same feeling. I get it after wild sex, after hot dates, after a girl falls inlove with me and want me like a mad woman. I got it last night, while a 22 year old with the most beautiful most sexy body I’ve touched was sleeping in a Victoria’s secret lingerie besides me:

I am tired of being this person, I am tired of this game, I am tired of the fact I can get women… I am tired of my alter ego, tired of being “The Mask”… I just want to be me and let the girl like me for who I am… I want to be “real”. Be my self.

So some times I play a game with my self, I let the mask down, I become me… I say what ever I want when ever I want and I am direct about it- it doesn’t work. I work in marketing, letting go of the game is like selling Ford with this slogan: “It’s a good car for that price, buy it” … It just doesn’t work.

now that the mask works, now that I can really get 3-4 dates a week, now that I can get laid when ever I want… I guess the only way is to work on the man behind the mask, become the alter ego – and let the needy chode die in peace.

Inner game, here I come.

White tigerΒ tantra

Those of you who read “The game” probably know about Steve P and his work. “Steve P. is among the most powerful hypnotists in the world…. He and his hypnosis partner gave me my much-coveted Inner game and more. This was a whole new level of game…. He was giving me super powers.”

Learning about the tantra really made a difference in my game. I’ve learned about it about a year ago, way before I’ve heard about RSD. This massage can make almost every woman have multiple orgazams and be more calm and relaxed during sex, also to cum from penetration alone if she couldn’t before.

It boosted my value threw the roof. I was amazed to find out how many women cannot cum from penetration alone or from the clit alone, I was even more shocked to find out how many women did not have an orgazam at all, ever, even at their late 20s. When telling women I can help them and make a change they are always asking about it and showing a lot of interest, they can’t stop asking questions about it.

It gives me as a man a good feeling. I was dating this girl for a few months earlier this year and she could never cum from penetration, after a few massages she could and of course she was very happy about it. I still wonder what progress could have been if we would not have break up.

I think that the game is all about loving women very much and truly enjoying them and making them happy. We want to be value givers. What better value there is then making a woman cum like never before? Even that it can be hard work for you, with no sexual joy for your self at the end of it. Just the fact that I tell a woman I took the time to study how to give a tantric massage, just to make women feel better, makes my value higher in their eyes.

3 approaches, 2 β€œdates”, 1 night

July 3rd, 2009:

Just back and sitting to write, what a loyal blogger I am πŸ™‚

Early I text the girl that I got her number at uni today, tell her I am going out with some really cool friends. After a few texts I call her and talk to her a bit, we agree to meet there.
Roommate and a good friend tells me it’s not such a good idea for a first date, but what ever. It’s on already. On the way so chode hit on my roommate, I let him, she’s bit upset about it later.
We get there, sit with roommate, she is bit bitter but I know it will go away after a few drinks. Friend are coming, sitting down in a place the roommate don’t like and she’s off to another party. Few moments later my date, lets call her Ma, comes along, I introduce her as my new girl friend (try to build a love bubble) and when as I thought she goes: “girlfriend?! no I am not…” Instead of saying “hey honey.. lets not fight infront of other people and keep it for home” with a big smile.. I am busy with the roommate thing and the hole thing is not funny as it was meant to be πŸ™‚

Lesson #1: Not to do the “girl friend” thing on the start, and not to do it when ur not 100% sure it will make her laugh. Only after getting to know her for a while, charmed her, made her laugh a lot and I think even tell her before: “Hey, lets go have fun with my friends telling them we got married/ur my new girl friend”, and only if she is fun and say “sure” then to do it.
Lesson #2: creating the love bubble with her alone before you show it to others!

We go sit upstairs, she is not even looking or talking to me, she talks to one of my friends, I am not even trying to take over the convo cuz I wanna see where this will go. I put a hand on her leg (try to make her feel comfortable and close to me) and I see she is not very comfortable with it. I wanna try and make a touch she’ll feel comfortable with so I put my arm on her stool, and make it touch her back just a bit. Then OMG she goes: “can I get some air space here please?! thanks you!” I back off, thinking to my self where did I go wrong. She make some story about trying to help one of my friends friends with some army thing and they exchange numbers. I gotta admit my friend was cool and all and didn’t look for it and it was obvious she was pushing for it.

Only after that she starts talking to me and we are having a great convo (that’s my thing – I can keep a convo very very well). We talk and talk and it’s all good. She ask about my 8 years relationship (yea yea, 8 years since I was 15) and why it end.
Me: It’s a very personal question to ask, u sure u wanna know?
She: Yes, but only if you wanna tell.
Me: No problem.
Me: bla bla this bla bla that bla, and the sex was getting worse…
She: *backing off* ok that was too personal and open, at least for me.
Me: *thinking: omg I just said the word sex and the girl freaked out, what’s going on with the over conservative girls in the town* Yea but I wanted to be open and honest with you.
She: Well it was too much.
We go down stairs. on the way I see a girl I used to have a phone flirt with (lets call her A) and say hey, big hug kiss and the rest, and invite her to join (thinking to my self that it would be interesting to do two dates at the same time!) she say she’ll hang out and join. I am going down, Ma start dancing, I am not into it, and go grab a drink, when I come back I see her talking to this guy, I join the convo and see that they know each other, at some point she looks at him and go: “lets dance”. That’s my Q, the girl is def not into me so I’ll just let her have fun πŸ™‚ I tell her I am going to hang out up stairs and she is smiling saying “cool”. upstairs I see A again, flirt with her and her friend, grab her and say “lets go talk out side!” we do just that, flirt and talk, it’s going pretty well as far as I can see, there is a lot of touching going on between me and A and she seems to be cool with it.
Going back in, I tell them to come meet my friends, they do, then they go grab some drinks and never really come back… I see them near us, but they are not with us.
Lesson #3: I think there was just too much touching with her, and also I showed too much interest in the convo.

I say to my self “fuck it” and as soon as they back off some more I start approaching. I wanna try a new thing: try to see the dynamics or listen to a convo and just join in.
I hear a girl saying she is annoyed over some thing, then the other girls are kissing her on the cheek, every girl is kissing every girl on the cheek.
Me: Look at that, u see what a kiss can do, it shifted her bad mood right away!
Girl #1: Yea it did! πŸ™‚
Girl #2: It cuz we do it well! πŸ™‚
Me: so you are saying ur all great kissers? πŸ™‚
Girl #2: yea, we are! πŸ™‚
Me: I’ll keep that in mind for the rest of the eve πŸ™‚
The girls just go at this point, all of them, none of them is really cute so I am not even trying to make them stay.
Lesson #4: Last sentence I said could have sound pushy or even sleazy. Should have just say some thing like “cool”. I was being too reactive threw out the night.

Another blond walks by with her friend, they are putting arms around each other.
Me: Wow, you two just look like best great friends.
Blond: Thanks! πŸ™‚
They are a group of 4, one of them is a guy, I say hey to every body. I start talking to the blond one that I think is cute. In like 3 secs, she is off with her friend some where.
Lesson #5: Should have grab her and make stay with the “don’t go, we only just met, I’ll be sad” thing. It worked pretty well last night, don’t know why I didn’t do it again.

I hang out with my friends, back to the safe zone, then get a text from Ma that she is leaving. I go out side and call her.
It’s the weirdest talk ever, she tells me right away she is not interested. She is being really really nice and cute about it. we have a 50 min (!!) talk about it all in a very light nice chat where she is being very honest and nice. And this are the main things:
The “this is my girl friend” thing made her feel very uncomfortable and thinking “who the hell he think he is?”. The hand on leg thing made her feel I just want sex from her. She was talking to my friend on purpose to show that she is not interested. She hate the guy she invited to dance with her and wanted to blow both of us off actually. There was no “click” at the beginning with me and no attraction and that’s what she is looking for so it don’t matter what I say or do, I had no change (that’s what she is saying). She didn’t like it I invited her with my friends and that it wasn’t a one on one date (personally I am very happy that I did that cuz I didn’t want to be stuck with a girl that freaks out from the word “sex” for the whole night) and she say that even if I would have invite her on a one on one date it would still not work. She also state that I have an amazing personality and that she really enjoy very much talking to me and that I am very intelligent and funny. She also state that she is having hard time with guys and dating.
Lesson #6: Don’t get advices from girls about girls. No lesson.

I go back in, dance with my friends, see A again, go dance with her, spin her, doesn’t seem to work. She and her friend giggle a lot, she is not looking in my eyes at all, there is A LOT of touching going on, but I am not sure she is very comfortable with it and doesn’t seem to lead any where. I wonder if I should kiss her or not.
Lesson #7: push and pull!!! push and pull!!! all I did was push push push like a chode, didn’t give any of the pull.
There are lots of hints from my side, not much from hers. She say things like: “you look too thin” or “you dance like pulp fiction” and I am being a chode and instead of totally ignore it I react all the time. It’s obvious that there is no attraction going on, so I bail.
Lesson #8: Please… stop being reactive.

A girl calls me, the one that thought about doing a threesome with me once and it didn’t work out, lets call her Mi, she come to the club, I let her in with no trouble since I was smart to make friends with the host. We are dancing, she also makes remarks about it (gosh I can’t dance). We go out and sit and talk, then meet up with her friends.
On the way I see a very very hot girl, she is really cute. She looks at me and smile. I just go –
Me: “Heyyy!!” Like I know her already.
She: “Ohh hey!”
I walk up and shack her hand.
She: “I am so sorry, I don’t really remember you…”
Me: *smile* “That’s cuz we don’t really know each other”
She: *making a face* “So what kind of a joke is this?!” *turn around and walks away*
Mi: you didn’t even know that girl.
Me: nope, was just trying some thing out.
Mi: omg I was sure u knew her for years!
Lesson #9: Don’t ruin the bubble! I should have continue and say: “don’t we know each other from uni?! ur in my management class, I am sure” and just go with it so she will think I made an honest mistake. Instead she thought I am trying to make a fool of her and pull a stupid childish prank on her, got upset and left. It worked perfect with another girl yesterday night, I don’t know why I changed it, but it was a good lesson.

We sit and laugh with Mi’s friends in some pub. Then she drives me home on the way to her’s.
Not a great night, but had some fun and made some lessons from the many mistakes I did.