White tigerΒ tantra

Those of you who read “The game” probably know about Steve P and his work. “Steve P. is among the most powerful hypnotists in the world…. He and his hypnosis partner gave me my much-coveted Inner game and more. This was a whole new level of game…. He was giving me super powers.”

Learning about the tantra really made a difference in my game. I’ve learned about it about a year ago, way before I’ve heard about RSD. This massage can make almost every woman have multiple orgazams and be more calm and relaxed during sex, also to cum from penetration alone if she couldn’t before.

It boosted my value threw the roof. I was amazed to find out how many women cannot cum from penetration alone or from the clit alone, I was even more shocked to find out how many women did not have an orgazam at all, ever, even at their late 20s. When telling women I can help them and make a change they are always asking about it and showing a lot of interest, they can’t stop asking questions about it.

It gives me as a man a good feeling. I was dating this girl for a few months earlier this year and she could never cum from penetration, after a few massages she could and of course she was very happy about it. I still wonder what progress could have been if we would not have break up.

I think that the game is all about loving women very much and truly enjoying them and making them happy. We want to be value givers. What better value there is then making a woman cum like never before? Even that it can be hard work for you, with no sexual joy for your self at the end of it. Just the fact that I tell a woman I took the time to study how to give a tantric massage, just to make women feel better, makes my value higher in their eyes.


Being out of state and not loyal to your core values

July 23rd, 2009:

Been telling a school friend today that I got banned off facebook more then once. We talked about how to meet girls on facebook (it’s lame I know) on “are you interested”. At the moment I am not meeting with any girls from facebook or trying too. I find that it’s holding back my “real life” game, cuz I always have that option to meet girls, an option that I am really good at. (got me many dates for some time) also it takes much time, and well, as I said before, I got banned off facebook for few times cuz of it. Maybe when i’ll feel really pro at the real game, I’ll go back to meeting girls on facebook as a side thing, but to be honest I don’t think so.

Any way, he told me that his friends had so many girls from facebook but was really ashamed in them and didn’t want to bring them to his flat or seen out with them (!?!?). So he had this parking lot that he used to bring girls too and have sex with them in his car. He was so successful at it that one time they all got together and were used to park at the same parking lot before going to hang out, when he came by foot to meet up with them they asked why didn’t he park at the regular place to be answered that he was banned from that parking lot and the guard won’t let him in πŸ™‚

I went out today to a friend’s b-day on a local bar. I talked to as many people as I can and of course to the girls around. It was all nice but I was really off game, it’s been like that for a while now, about two weeks, I also don’t approach much just on the street or super market any more. Specially today I’ve seen some really good looking girls at the super market and did nothing about it When I do some thing lately I am not in state at all…

I got a crash on this girl that it didn’t work out with and I guess it’s cuz of that, also had a problem with a really good old friend (friends since we were about 8) that was being very supportive to my game and for some reason he won’t talk to me and won’t tell why. I guess we shouldn’t let outer things effect our inner world. When your reality is strong and solid and real then the outer should not break it. Being in state should come from the inside, as seeing your self as a value giver always, loyal to your core values and guided by them.

I also guess that being ashamed at some thing will get you no where. It’s either that you are loyal to your self and not care what other people think, or that you feel ashamed of it your self, with out other peoples opinion on it matter, and then should just stop. If you already did some thing you’re ashamed off and that does not match your core values, talking about it and not covering it will probably be the best way to deal with it and make it stop.

I’ve thought a lot about my core values, what they are and if I am working hard enough to stand by them. I feel that there is still work to do and I try to enjoy the ride and do it with passion.
This is getting to be less about girls with time, and more about stepping up spiritually and becoming loyal to my self and finding new things about my self.. I really do believe now that if a man is not on top of his things, he does not go after his dreams and is not loyal to his core values, he doesn’t deserve A class women.

3 approaches, 2 β€œdates”, 1 night

July 3rd, 2009:

Just back and sitting to write, what a loyal blogger I am πŸ™‚

Early I text the girl that I got her number at uni today, tell her I am going out with some really cool friends. After a few texts I call her and talk to her a bit, we agree to meet there.
Roommate and a good friend tells me it’s not such a good idea for a first date, but what ever. It’s on already. On the way so chode hit on my roommate, I let him, she’s bit upset about it later.
We get there, sit with roommate, she is bit bitter but I know it will go away after a few drinks. Friend are coming, sitting down in a place the roommate don’t like and she’s off to another party. Few moments later my date, lets call her Ma, comes along, I introduce her as my new girl friend (try to build a love bubble) and when as I thought she goes: “girlfriend?! no I am not…” Instead of saying “hey honey.. lets not fight infront of other people and keep it for home” with a big smile.. I am busy with the roommate thing and the hole thing is not funny as it was meant to be πŸ™‚

Lesson #1: Not to do the “girl friend” thing on the start, and not to do it when ur not 100% sure it will make her laugh. Only after getting to know her for a while, charmed her, made her laugh a lot and I think even tell her before: “Hey, lets go have fun with my friends telling them we got married/ur my new girl friend”, and only if she is fun and say “sure” then to do it.
Lesson #2: creating the love bubble with her alone before you show it to others!

We go sit upstairs, she is not even looking or talking to me, she talks to one of my friends, I am not even trying to take over the convo cuz I wanna see where this will go. I put a hand on her leg (try to make her feel comfortable and close to me) and I see she is not very comfortable with it. I wanna try and make a touch she’ll feel comfortable with so I put my arm on her stool, and make it touch her back just a bit. Then OMG she goes: “can I get some air space here please?! thanks you!” I back off, thinking to my self where did I go wrong. She make some story about trying to help one of my friends friends with some army thing and they exchange numbers. I gotta admit my friend was cool and all and didn’t look for it and it was obvious she was pushing for it.

Only after that she starts talking to me and we are having a great convo (that’s my thing – I can keep a convo very very well). We talk and talk and it’s all good. She ask about my 8 years relationship (yea yea, 8 years since I was 15) and why it end.
Me: It’s a very personal question to ask, u sure u wanna know?
She: Yes, but only if you wanna tell.
Me: No problem.
Me: bla bla this bla bla that bla, and the sex was getting worse…
She: *backing off* ok that was too personal and open, at least for me.
Me: *thinking: omg I just said the word sex and the girl freaked out, what’s going on with the over conservative girls in the town* Yea but I wanted to be open and honest with you.
She: Well it was too much.
We go down stairs. on the way I see a girl I used to have a phone flirt with (lets call her A) and say hey, big hug kiss and the rest, and invite her to join (thinking to my self that it would be interesting to do two dates at the same time!) she say she’ll hang out and join. I am going down, Ma start dancing, I am not into it, and go grab a drink, when I come back I see her talking to this guy, I join the convo and see that they know each other, at some point she looks at him and go: “lets dance”. That’s my Q, the girl is def not into me so I’ll just let her have fun πŸ™‚ I tell her I am going to hang out up stairs and she is smiling saying “cool”. upstairs I see A again, flirt with her and her friend, grab her and say “lets go talk out side!” we do just that, flirt and talk, it’s going pretty well as far as I can see, there is a lot of touching going on between me and A and she seems to be cool with it.
Going back in, I tell them to come meet my friends, they do, then they go grab some drinks and never really come back… I see them near us, but they are not with us.
Lesson #3: I think there was just too much touching with her, and also I showed too much interest in the convo.

I say to my self “fuck it” and as soon as they back off some more I start approaching. I wanna try a new thing: try to see the dynamics or listen to a convo and just join in.
I hear a girl saying she is annoyed over some thing, then the other girls are kissing her on the cheek, every girl is kissing every girl on the cheek.
Me: Look at that, u see what a kiss can do, it shifted her bad mood right away!
Girl #1: Yea it did! πŸ™‚
Girl #2: It cuz we do it well! πŸ™‚
Me: so you are saying ur all great kissers? πŸ™‚
Girl #2: yea, we are! πŸ™‚
Me: I’ll keep that in mind for the rest of the eve πŸ™‚
The girls just go at this point, all of them, none of them is really cute so I am not even trying to make them stay.
Lesson #4: Last sentence I said could have sound pushy or even sleazy. Should have just say some thing like “cool”. I was being too reactive threw out the night.

Another blond walks by with her friend, they are putting arms around each other.
Me: Wow, you two just look like best great friends.
Blond: Thanks! πŸ™‚
They are a group of 4, one of them is a guy, I say hey to every body. I start talking to the blond one that I think is cute. In like 3 secs, she is off with her friend some where.
Lesson #5: Should have grab her and make stay with the “don’t go, we only just met, I’ll be sad” thing. It worked pretty well last night, don’t know why I didn’t do it again.

I hang out with my friends, back to the safe zone, then get a text from Ma that she is leaving. I go out side and call her.
It’s the weirdest talk ever, she tells me right away she is not interested. She is being really really nice and cute about it. we have a 50 min (!!) talk about it all in a very light nice chat where she is being very honest and nice. And this are the main things:
The “this is my girl friend” thing made her feel very uncomfortable and thinking “who the hell he think he is?”. The hand on leg thing made her feel I just want sex from her. She was talking to my friend on purpose to show that she is not interested. She hate the guy she invited to dance with her and wanted to blow both of us off actually. There was no “click” at the beginning with me and no attraction and that’s what she is looking for so it don’t matter what I say or do, I had no change (that’s what she is saying). She didn’t like it I invited her with my friends and that it wasn’t a one on one date (personally I am very happy that I did that cuz I didn’t want to be stuck with a girl that freaks out from the word “sex” for the whole night) and she say that even if I would have invite her on a one on one date it would still not work. She also state that I have an amazing personality and that she really enjoy very much talking to me and that I am very intelligent and funny. She also state that she is having hard time with guys and dating.
Lesson #6: Don’t get advices from girls about girls. No lesson.

I go back in, dance with my friends, see A again, go dance with her, spin her, doesn’t seem to work. She and her friend giggle a lot, she is not looking in my eyes at all, there is A LOT of touching going on, but I am not sure she is very comfortable with it and doesn’t seem to lead any where. I wonder if I should kiss her or not.
Lesson #7: push and pull!!! push and pull!!! all I did was push push push like a chode, didn’t give any of the pull.
There are lots of hints from my side, not much from hers. She say things like: “you look too thin” or “you dance like pulp fiction” and I am being a chode and instead of totally ignore it I react all the time. It’s obvious that there is no attraction going on, so I bail.
Lesson #8: Please… stop being reactive.

A girl calls me, the one that thought about doing a threesome with me once and it didn’t work out, lets call her Mi, she come to the club, I let her in with no trouble since I was smart to make friends with the host. We are dancing, she also makes remarks about it (gosh I can’t dance). We go out and sit and talk, then meet up with her friends.
On the way I see a very very hot girl, she is really cute. She looks at me and smile. I just go –
Me: “Heyyy!!” Like I know her already.
She: “Ohh hey!”
I walk up and shack her hand.
She: “I am so sorry, I don’t really remember you…”
Me: *smile* “That’s cuz we don’t really know each other”
She: *making a face* “So what kind of a joke is this?!” *turn around and walks away*
Mi: you didn’t even know that girl.
Me: nope, was just trying some thing out.
Mi: omg I was sure u knew her for years!
Lesson #9: Don’t ruin the bubble! I should have continue and say: “don’t we know each other from uni?! ur in my management class, I am sure” and just go with it so she will think I made an honest mistake. Instead she thought I am trying to make a fool of her and pull a stupid childish prank on her, got upset and left. It worked perfect with another girl yesterday night, I don’t know why I changed it, but it was a good lesson.

We sit and laugh with Mi’s friends in some pub. Then she drives me home on the way to her’s.
Not a great night, but had some fun and made some lessons from the many mistakes I did.

First phone number at uni

July 2nd, 2009:

Just got back from school, this girl from out of uni was looking for a room she’s got a test at. I told her to follow me, we were walking pretty fast, soon two other girls that got the same test followed us as well. So the situation is that I got 3 girls following me, a very alpha male situation that I was very much about to take advantage of.
The other girls were in kind of a hurry but this cutest girl of the three kept walking next to me.
Convo went some what like that from what I can remember:

me: your test is about to start any sec now isn’t it?

she: yea, it is, I am in such a hurry. do u think i’ll make it on time?

me: sure, I am going to be ur savior knight, don’t worry about it.

she: *smile* ohhh really? you’re so kind.

me: no I am not, you seduced me πŸ™‚

she: *smile* me?!?! I only asked where it is!

me: so what ur gonna study here? (changing the subject)

she: bla bla bla

*at this point two other girls asked where it is and joined*

me: that’s cool, I am like tour guide here today with girls following me around πŸ™‚
she: yea, u should charge for it πŸ™‚

me: you think haa? that’s actually a pretty good idea (going for the phone number…)

she: yea, but not form me, from the next group.

me: you’re saying that the idea to charge is ur payment? πŸ™‚

she: don’t worry, we’ll call it even (don’t forget to ask for my number later!)

me: being even is good.

she: I look to you like I don’t give a shit about school cuz I am late, but it’s really not like that. (she is trying to lift her value in my eyes)

me: ohh don’t worry about it, I can tell ur a hard learning student (letting her lift her own value)

she: ohh wow, ur so sensitive.

me: off course can’t you tell right away?!

she: It’s pretty hard threw this sun glass.

me: *so so happy she said that since I know I got very green eyes, and I am wearing a blue shirt so she’s about to go crazy, taking off my glass looking strait in her eyes, smiling and say:* well, how about now?

she: *smiling* ohhh you’re good.

me: ok we’re here, this is ur room, and if u think u’re leaving with out giving me ur number you have another thing going on *putting the phone in her hand*

she: that’s right, I owe you one. πŸ™‚

6 outΒ ofΒ 5

July 2nd, 2009:

ok, I am just back from a night out. Was pretty cool and I consider it as a good night – goal was to start talking to at least 5 NEW girls that i’ve never seen before. no matter what!
Get laid or die πŸ™‚ this is pretty hard cuz this is my town and was a student party – so I kinda already know most of the girls there… but, goals are goals.

It started with my female roommate being all bitter about not wanting to go out, had to drag her any way, then a buddy that is cool and was suppose to be my wing man stood me up. Not a great start. On the way we are not really sure where it is… so I just walk up to two cute girls in a cafe and say: “hey, do u know where X is?” They explain, and then I go: “hey, why don’t u two come with us, gonna be fun”. They smile to me but say no. My roommate is waiting so I say: “ok c’ya around” and go. (#1)
Lesson: don’t really have one, maybe I should have said: “hey, you two are cute, come it will be fun” but I am really sure it wouldn’t have changed the out come.

I walk in, see a friend of a girl I dated a month ago for like a month and got pissed and stopped talking to me just last night (kinda hurt my feelings to be totally honest). I say hey and start talking to her and her friend. (#2) she makes a face when I tell her the girl I used to date don’t talk to me any more. I see that I am not so welcome there even that the friend is being nice and cute. I can’t really hold a proper conversation with them, it’s mostly chodey stuff like: where are u from? what do u study? so what’s ur plan? of course it seems like an interview very fast and there are long quite moments. They are not really asking any thing back and it seems like they are waiting for me to leave, so I do just that.
Lesson: gotta learn how to pick up a conversation with sexual interest hits and none of chodey “where u from” crap. Throw a few funny stuff out of no where right on the start… but what? just met a girl, she is not really being talkative, I know nothing about her and don’t want to interview her, any ideas how to make her laugh right away?

I go down stairs to where the dancing floor is at, it’s pretty empty at the moment, see a friend of mine from school, say hey. Talk to him a bit. There are a couple of cute girls near him but he never introduce us. So I just do it my self: “hey” both names and all, then he leaves with one of the girls and leave me with the cutest one of the two (#3) agian chodey talk. What do u study and the rest, where do you live is answered with: at X. only after the rest of the chodey talk she tells me she lives there with her bf. I talk to her some more and leave my self.
Lesson: again with the chodey talk. girl is not talkative and it becomes an interview.

I go up stairs again and see two girl that I know. I know there from one time me and the girl I dated (the one that stopped talking to me) hit on them in a pub hoping one of them will join us for a threesome. It didn’t work but we stay friends. Any how, we gossip about that girl and they say I shouldn’t hang out with her any more cuz she’s just being mean and bla bla bla. I don’t really wanna talk about it so I take them down stairs where my drunk roommate is making me dance. I see a not very cute girl standing by her self and go and say: “hey, thank you for saving me, my roommate wants me to dance with her, so I told her I got to talk with you” (#4) she is being very nice and we start talking, before I know it her friend grabs her by the arm and pull her to dance with her, I don’t grab her by the arm and pull her back cuz she is really not that cute.
Lesson: don’t tell a girl the only reason ur talking to her is cuz u don’t wanna date with ur roommate…

Dance floor gets pretty full and I can’t dance. I walk around smiling and being happy, saying hey to people I know and pumping my self up being happy and in “wooooo” state of mind. Then a girl cross by, and she is really the cutest girl I’ll talk too tonight. I just look her in the eyes a go very loud: “heyyyy!!! how are you?!?!” like we know each other for years. (#5)
she: “heyyy!” but with a face of “do i know u?!” she smile.
me: hey.. we study economy together no?
she: “no, I major psychology” she is being very cute and smile all the time.
me: “that’s soooo great!! I always wanted to date a girl that major psychology!! you can take care of all my mental issues”
she: laughs “ohh I am not gonna be a therapist, I just love the human brain”
me: “so what are you gonna do with the human brain then” (had nothing better to say…”
she: keeps looking not to loose her friends “I like putting my hands in it!!” then she turn and try to walk away.
me: grab her by the arm, pull her back “hey, u can’t just leave me her, I’ll be sad, and we only just met!”
she: laughs and looks at me in a -ohh boy would I love to stay- look and say “omg you are so cute but I got a boy friend”
me: “well where is he?! I’ll have a talk with him”
she: laughs “he is not here yet..”
me: “ok ok, i’ll let u go, i’ll be nice to him even I don’t know him and won’t steal you away”
she is giving me a disappointed smile and walks away.
Lesson: Ok so she got a boy friend, even that I will never ever steal some one from some body I should have said some thing like “ok, u say I am cute lets hang out, I think ur a sweet nice person, come on lets go – introduce me to your friends” even nothing would work with her, I could have gotten to know new people and that’s always fun.

After the eve goes by I hand out with the girls I know. I try dancing once and make a fool of my self. one of the girls say: “this is how u dance?!” πŸ™‚ As the evening goes by and I find my self just sitting I try practicing seeing the interaction of people and where is each one’s focus. I keep saying my self that I gotta dance, I gotta try it and be good at it. It’s a 90’s party and I like some of the music. I also wanna try coming to a new girl – spin her and pull her to me.

So I get up again, start dancing, it’s going well (!!) my roommate is happy, she goes: “wow u can dance!” and I am more and more pumped up. Songs I like are on, I try the spin with her, it seems to work. I go to the girl I already know that’s dancing with us spin her – seem to get a good vibe as well but she whispers: “I am on high hills, don’t kill me” πŸ™‚
We sit to rest and there is a not attractive girl just sitting across from us. I walk up and go (#6)
me: “hey you seem so sad, I had to see u smile”
she gives me a stupid smile
me: “hey come on, lets dance and have fun!”
she: “I am so tired”
me: “ok have a great eve”
Lesson: none really, I would still talk to tired girls with a face, why not.

General lessons:
1. When you are pumped things just works much better (#5).
2. Seems that the attractive once are the more nice once. (also #5)
3. I gotta practice this much more, even that I know the rules and method very well – I need to practice it. Theory is just never enough with any thing.
4. IΒ can dance?!?!